The 2016 Paris Auto Show is going to be more interesting than ever. With the nearing of the dates, the make makers seem to have decided to play their first hands on capturing the market already. Car makers like Honda have unveiled their upcoming Honda Civic Hatchback, while top end car makers like Mercedes Benz have unveiled the AMG GT Roadster a few days before the 2016 Paris Auto Show.Glimpses of Volkswagen's new car unveiled before 2016 Paris Auto Show

It looks like Volkswagen does not want to stay behind in the race. The car maker has unveiled an interesting set of information along with a few pictures pointing to an all electric car; right before the 2016 Paris Auto Show.

Right before the 2016 Paris Auto Show, it seems interesting that so many car makers are playing out their cars so soon. In this scenario, Volkswagen has stated that the new car is their entry to the new era of the automobile industry.

It will only take a fool not to understand where in the car makers are pointing to. The makers have also claimed that the car that is in the pictures released is a part of the new generation of cars and is one of its kinds. But the sad part is that, the images released of the car show us nothing except for the headlights.

The car that is due to be released during the 2016 Paris Auto Show is supposedly a concept car. The car is set to send a strong message to the consumers and the investors about the kind of impact that Volkswagen is set to have on the electric car market.

Volkswagen is calling the car as a design study and is expected to yield quite a few flashy changes to the designs of the car that we will be seeing in the future. Reports have it that the upcoming all electric car from Volkswagen will supposedly be a hatchback. Now, we have two hatchback already unveiled before the 2016 Paris Auto Show.