Mercedes Benz has recently unveiled two new models of the Mercedes AMG GT roadster that are set to go through straight to the sports market. The two new models unveiled days before the Paris Auto Show gives a clear indication of how confidant the makers are. One of the unveiled car is the base model, while the other can be called an upgraded version of the base model in all aspects. In addition, both the unveiled models of the Mercedes AMG GT roadster are convertibles but at the same time very distinct.Mercedes AMG GT roadster set to make 2016 Paris Auto Show interesting

The AMG GT roadster, the base model is itself quite an impactful car, landing a punch of 469 hp. The base model is packed with a 4 liter twin turbocharged V8 engine. The car can reach the speed of 0 to 10 miles per hour is just 4 seconds. The Mercedes AMG GT roadster engine is connected to a 7 speed AMG speedshift dual clutch transmission.

The next in the line is the Mercedes-AMG GT C roadster. The car is even better that its base model as I have already told you that. The car packs a punch of 557 hp, thus reaching 0 to 10 miles per hour in just a meager 3.7 seconds. Apart from this, the specifications are pretty much the same. Many people have already started calling them twins.

But there are many things that make the GT C roadster better of the two Mercedes AMG GT roadster models. The Mercedes-AMG GT C roadsters will be coming with a race mode, unleashing every bit of power that the engine will be able to generate. The top speed is expected to be somewhere around 196 miles per hour. It will also have an active rear wheel steering that will supposedly make the car more stable and conjunctions and while taking turns.

Both the cars will make their debut during the 2016 Paris Auto Show that starts in a few days. The pricing and the countries where it will be launched initially still remains a hush secret.