noiz ios app
Unlike your good old mashup apps, NOIZ mashup is an app that focuses on creating mashup music not just consuming it. Other mashup apps were used showcasing your creations on social media, but NOIZ here makes you and everyone on the app a creator or music producer. You can fork anyone’s beat or music by adding your own twist to it.

Mashup Music Live app means you hold the power you can listen and alter the flow whenever it does not soothe you. NOIZ, developed by an award winning team at Studio Amplify, is something novel and exciting for creating music using your fingers on your smartphone’s screen

According to Studio Amplify’s Co-Founder, Alexx Foxx, who wrote on Product Hunt,“We wanted to re-define what a song was, moving away from a more traditional static compositions, creating a new form of music that can be re-interpreted on every play. A new visual instrument which would allow an entire piece of music to be performed all in one interface.”

EDM rockstars, YouTubers making Launchpad videos and now you on your iPhone can use NOIZ to create mashup music live. It is innovation as far as music lovers are concerned and an app like this was much needed, to say the least.

Beatmakers, DJs, amateur singers, and instrumentalists will be able to created brand new tracks or fork others’ composition and create a unique mashup to their likes.

It will really give you happiness instantly when you open noise and start creating something so close to your heart.

Check out the video:

Just launched a week ago, this app will have its fair share of opinions globally, but getting the power to shape and create music that you would love to listen is a freedom that everyone craves. Having that power in your hands, that too with a free app like NOIZ is amazing.

NOIZ Mashuop Music Live, is available on iOS devices only at the moment, so Android users have to wait..

Do you think this is something you would use to create music? Comments for NOIZ iOS app and how you like it below!