A little more than a week ago, the iPhone 7 was unveiled by Apple at the Keynote. Needless to say, it set the internet on fire. The iPhone 7 was going to be Apple’s torch bearer so it came as no surprise when it had a slew of new features. It seemed more of a prototype for iPhone 8 than iPhone 7. However, some of the inclusions and exclusions were baffling. iphone 7So, with all this said and done, here is a review of the iPhone 7. Do give it a read


The iPhone 7 is basically the iPhone 6 without the 3.5 mm jack on the exterior. The much wanted, curved wraparound screen was absent and the phone didn’t look like a whole “new thing”. It felt more like a slightly enlarged version of the iPhone 6. Only a few, slight changes are there. A couple of them are the presence of a double stereo-grill and the antennae has been moved from its usual spot of around the edges to below the rear camera. All in all, the new iPhone 7 doesn’t offer anything new in the looks department.


The battery life has been vastly improved from the previous models. The Plus variant gives about 13-15 hours of battery life after continuous usage involving permanent WiFi connection, gaming, streaming and music. This normal variant gives 12-14 hours of battery life under similar circumstances. However, the one drawback it has is the battery life of the AirPods. They give just 5 hours of music and 2 hours of talktime. The charger does allow them to go over 24 hours, however they pose a limitation that their wired predecessors didn’t.


Siri stays one of the highlights of the iPhones. With the new third-party support, expectations have increased. A simple double tap on one of the AirPods can activate Siri and allow you to use it just as you normally would. Although Siri still isn’t as robust as some other assistants, you can still do a lot with just your voice. Checking and sending text messages. Getting weather and sports alerts. Making a phone call. Siri is already at the point where you can do almost everything you want to do without looking at your phone, and the AirPods make using those features seamless.


The cameras are simply fantastic. The dual rear cameras in the iPhone 7 Plus and the 12 MP iPhone 7 camera are simply phenomenal. Add image stabilization to this and you have a monster phone in your hand. The phone also allows you to record videos in 4K, which again is absolutely stunning. The cameras in this phone are amazing.


The Retina HD display is a joy to look at. All the colours are vivid and the textures are sharp thanks to the 1334 by 750 resolution of the iPhone 7. The give out 336 ppi which is quite amazing considering the battery life of the phone. To sum it up, it is a pleasure to look at the screen of the iPhone 7.


The phone is powered by the latest quad-core A10 processor. It has 2 cores dedicated for intensive tasks while the other 2 cores are left alone for the less intensive, easier tasks. This comes as a blessing as it decreases the strain on the battery and increases its life. The cherry on the cake is that it is the fastest phone out there, thanks to its latest chip. It is about 130 times faster than the first iPhone. In terms of sheer processing power and strength, it is head and shoulders above its competitors. It gives a seamless performance with the iOS 10.


The 16 GB and 32 GB storage options have been done away with. Now you have the option of 64, 128 and 256 GB of storage space. Simply put, the amount of storage being offered is simply colossal. It takes real, dedicated effort to fill up the 64 GB of space and now you have the option of 256 GB. It is a dream come true for movie enthusiasts.


So here are some of the new and/or improved features in the iPhone 7-

  1. A10 processor
    2. Dual Rear cameras
    3. Water resistance
    4. Increased storage
    5. AirPods
    6. Improved Battery life


Since Apple had decided to go with the AirPods, it would’ve made sense to include a wireless charger as well. So, it is quite a baffling exclusion. Another add on that it could’ve had was a 3.5 mm jack. It would’ve allowed the users to the option to choose between the AirPods and the conventional earphones.


The chip of the phone is astounding. It is the fastest and the most powerful phone out there. The cameras are phenomenal too. The improved storage space along with a brilliant Retina HD display are a delight for movie fans all over the world.


The AirPods are a bit of a let down. They are not exactly innovative and are basically forcing the users to pick them up. They have quite a number of limitations which their wired counterparts don’t. The biggest issue is the price. Had it been a $100 cheaper, it would’ve been a must buy. Yes, it is the most powerful phone out there, but when you consider the features it has to offer, they are not exactly innovative as most of them have been out there for quite some time.


The phone is quite amazing to be very honest. The only drawbacks are the pricing and the AirPods. Apart from that, the iPhone 7 is nearly perfect. It has a good battery life, huge storage and a beast of a processor. So, if you want to buy a phone that will serve you well for about half a decade, iPhone 7 is the phone you are looking for. However, if you don’t want that, a look at other alternatives is advisable. In fact purchasing an iPhone 6S and waiting for iPhone 8 is also not a bad idea. We will leave the rest to you.

So what are your thoughts on the iPhone 7? Do let us know in the comments section below.