According to recent announcement Logitech has bought game controller band, Saitek. Not only this along with Saitek they bought other peripheral assets in a deal for over $13 million. A lot of money has been spent on buying flight sticks and tractor steering wheels. But this gives Logitech good group of products that they did not have.


Earlier Saitek was under the tree shed under protection as well as lonely. Shed of Mac Catz umbrella did not run the things smoothly for the parent company. So, now it is a relief for them as they are waving bunch of cash under their noses.

Once Logitech were the kings of gaming mice and keyboards. They had a neat affordable line with good quality steering wheels. Fight sticks were they? Not that much as now after picking up Saitek. Logitech has suddenly got a new whole proper product line at a time as the simulation games are once more gaining prominence.

The increasing rise of VR is potentially bringing up bit of serious simulation games renaissance.

Logitech Vice President recently made a recent statement that ‘Whether you are driving or flying there are fresh new titles available and more are to come.’

Saitek has great line of products and X55 Rhino ran a big flight stick test, but recently there are consumer reports stating quality issues and increase in RMA rates.

Whatever might be the fate for their wheels but we will be looking forward to see the first Logitech/Saitek relationship of sticks. So, friends if you are a keen gamer you should definitely go for this.