Due to the recent mishap with the Galaxy Note 7, there is a good chance that we may witness the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 much earlier than expected.Samsung Galaxy S8

As we are well aware that Samsung is right now on a damage control mode due to the fatal battery explosion flaw. This must have caused the South Korean giant an unfathomable amount to replace the phone, and handle the suits filed in by consumers all over.

After the August 2 launch of the Galaxy Note 7, the only news that has made headlines for Samsung is the battery explosion, banning of the phone, legal issues and replacement. The Herculean task of replacement starts from September 21st, 2016.

Apart from the replacement drive, the company also needs to chalk out and implement a quick plan to re-attain the trust it has lost and prove its dominance in the premium smartphone segment.

Samsung is a big player and it has all the resources to put the accelerator pedal to maximum for an early release of the Galaxy S8.

If Sammobile‘ s report is to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is already in the post production testing mode. The phone is being called Project Dream and has two different models, which have been tentatively named SMG 950 and SMG 955. The models obviously mean that like S7, a curved screen variant would be seen.

However, the main factor for Samsung would be ensuring cent percent user safety along with no trade off in the features.

We can optimistically expect that external features would include a tough body, long lasting battery, 4K UHD display, wireless charging, may be availability of Mods like Moto Z has.

On the insides, we can expect the Exymos processors running on industry best specs of RAM, memory, camera, sensors. Further, we can expect smooth connectivity with the Gear VR, smartwatches, gear 360 and other Samsung Accessories.

Be it inside or outside, engineers at Samsung would not leave any stone unturned to give an amazing phone. The fans and experts are already expectin a beast.

Obviously it won’t be an easy task to quickly bring in another game changer with such high specifications. But, the best way for Samsung to win back its customers would be to launch a flawless phone which excels when it comes to customer safety and hazard control.

We can expect the teaser rolling out soon and the phone being officially launched at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2017.

This battery mishap can be a blessing in disguise for Samsung as the phones, though share huge portfolio,  haven’t been renovated or improved much.

Will the new year bring back the glory Samsung lost so quickly?