Hot and spicy news for all the Android users, especially for Android Marshmallow users, is the launch of all new android version- Android 7.0, also known as Android N and Android Nougat. The latest version is the mob of some unusual and new features like multitasking screen and trading between the apps.  android-7

The new pack of Android 7.0 Nougat is not for any device in the market currently, but Nexus devices and the new LG V20. The news from the officials reads that this mob will hit the marketplace next year for all other Marshmallow androidians. Before you update your Marshmallow, take an expression at some big hits of Android N.

1. Doze Mode for better battery span.
Doze is nothing new as it is already in use with Marshmallow devices. With Doze, your’s phone battery would burn less when your screen goes off and your phone reaches no motion state. The feature is useless for Android Marshmallow when phone is off, but in motion like when walking, riding or even driving (don’t forget the breakers). But Android Nougat users will not face any such issue. All contradictions are eventually resolved.

2. Split it: Multitasking screen.
Finally Google has realized that people people of this age are mustitaskers. Now, with Nougat, you can just work on more than one screen simultaneously. Though, it is nothing new or exclamatory in the software market, but it is, manifestly known, going to help users in many ways.

3. Switch it: Flip back and forth between your recent apps.
This new feature, to flip between the apps, is making the new version demanding among the users. Pressing and holding the square overview key present at the bottom will afford a new app (yeah, you will get the option to choose the one of your preference) on the screen. Again, by double tapping on the same overview button you can reach back to your previous app that you were practicing.

4. Improved toggles.
No third person toggles in the screen anymore. Just swipe down from the top and witness toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, Networks, Battery and more. Swipe a little more and open a complete menu with all the toggles.

5. Save Data with Data Saver.
Now we all experience the unwanted data loss all the time. Android Nougat is all set to liberate you from this trouble. It stops the apps running in the background and helps you to preserve your precious data. However, apps run freely when you are on WiFi.

With all such features, you can grab any Nougat device right now or you can wait till next year to give your Marshmallow man an update for Android N. So, what’s your opinion about this new hit? Let us know in the comment section below.