So earlier this week, the movie on Edward Snowden was released. Directed by Oliver Stone, it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward. The movie comes at a time when Snowden himself is trapped in an airport in Russia and the NSA snooping row still rages on. SnowdenOne thing that all Oliver Stone movies have is a politically charged atmosphere and Snowden was no exception to this. So did the movie deliver? Find out….



The acting in this movie is terrific. Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden is a delight to watch. His portrayal of a different person living an abnormal life in a normal world is brilliant. He is ably supported by Shailene Woodlene as his girlfriend. These two actors basically carry this entire movie on their shoulders. They give excellent performances and it is safe to say that an Academy Award for Joseph Gordon-Levitt is not too far in the future. Nicholas Cage is also there in the movie and he was an entertaining presence. All in all, the cast was great and the performances were simply excellent.


The movie was perfectly realistic. Not one aspect of it was over dramatized or made to seem over the top. It was all conceivable and you can actually imagine all of it happening again. All of this is simply due to the amazing performances and direction. The settings and adaptation of the source material are very well handled too. It is the perfectly realistic movie it needed to be.


Snowden is a very beautiful and well directed movie. The director of cinematography deserves a pat on the back for the beautiful shots he captured. The direction is nearly seamless and flawless. It is well made and good looking movie that connects to your emotions. You can actually invest yourself in the characters and all their struggles and angst is captured beautifully.


One of the best things about this movie is that it is streamlined for the common public. All the technical jargon has been toned down to the bare minimum. An average movie goer will have no problem at all understanding the themes and concepts being discussed on screen. It is a well made movie that is perfectly understandable. Kudos to the direction once again.



While the movie is perfectly realistic, it is however way too conventional. You know that the movie is going to build itself to that one point which set everything in motion. However, the journey to that point is extremely predictable and conventional. A bit of unconventional story telling would’ve been appreciated.


The movie is not paced well. Not at all. Certain scenes start off strong, but then they start to drag. The entire movie could’ve been shorter by around half an hour. It is one thing to have a slow paced movie and an entirely different thing that a movie that drags. Some smart editing and quicker closure would’ve been very much appreciated.


The movie is good, but you just cannot watch it again. The movie is too long and drags so it is quite a tedious task to sit down and watch it. It barely has any rewatch value. No matter what you do, you won’t enjoy it the second time around. It is a one time watch and it comes as a bit of a let down considering the potential and content it had.


The movie makes a very bold choice towards the end. However, it isn’t able to pull it off for some reason. You don’t feel the connect or the impact of the ending. It is a bold choice but it doesn’t work in the way it was supposed to. You are left with a kind of mixed feelings. Some smarter editing and improved pacing would have given a more impact to the ending of the movie.


Snowden sure has its moments, but all in all, it is an unremarkable movie. It is a relevant and enjoyable movie. However, do not expect it to be good and you will be better off keeping your expectations low. I am going to give it 7/10

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