In the controversial section of Facebook, September 11th Anniversary was in a show. But the real phrase is missing from the social media giant on the actual day of attack. So, how is it possible?


According to news, last month company did not allow a certain thing. The company did not allow from processing trending stories for promotion of their site.

The Washington Post, along with the other social media trending post had a certain notice. The notice includes that when users went to click on “September 11th Anniversary” trending topic they took or their redirection led them to so-called “9/11 truther”. So, this made an impact on it. This led to promotion of false notion. The notion was that Twin towers in Manhattan were down by bombs and not terrorist pilot planes.

We know that the hoax article seen on Facebook was crazy. The Facebook spokeswoman told the post that the post is non existing now. This was a temporary step taken by her to solve the issue. So, the issue now took a down point after her apologize.

The error was visible with the Facebook’s new non-human attempt to curate humans. Days after people already shown the drop down of usage to zero or negligible did something. This was the apologize made by company forcefully after a false story about Megyn Kelly’s appearance in the feed.

Still let us see what will be the outcomes of the more post.