Google search already helps you a lot with preparing itinerary, getting info about exotic destinations and finding cheaper flights. The soon to be launched Google’s new travel app is making all travel startups nervous at the moment. Why?

Because Google is the most trusted brand on the internet and it is now ready to eat the cherry on the top of the cake called travel planning industry. Travel startups who have been funded by VC’s are going to compete with Google – the company with an unlimited budget and 100% organic reach on the web and mobiles too.

The Android and iOS app will help Google conquer travel industry with a mobile only approach. Google Now and Google flights have already helped us a lot. It is time we get some special travelling assistant, which is free and instantly available like Google’s search.

Google was charged by EU for prioritising its app in Europe and its countries, but its new travel app, which is in beta testing mode could really take the travel industry by a storm. The news of its existence is making travel startup CEO’s shit bricks. The search company is looking for beta testers for the travel assistant app. Many members of Google’s famous local guide programme, who are extremely active in helping tourists and travellers find best places around the globe, will get the test version of Google’s new travel assistant app.

It is a big news for the entire travel startup community globally, because taking on Google is almost impossible. All Level 2, who have added points, photos in Google Local Guide have got this email from the company:


google's new travel assistant app

Let us know if you are excited about this Google’s new travel assistant app news. We are surely waiting for Google to unveil it to the whole world and I will persoanlly review the entire app for you.

What travel and bookings app do you currently use? Are you waiting for Google’s new travel assistant app? Any comments?