Genuinely speaking, it is not always that you find tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. stand together for a common cause. Considering the fact that the competition that exists is cutthroat in itself, it is good to see that these companies have at times come up in support for each other. One of the few recent scenarios includes Samsung Patent dispute or the altercation that Apple Inc. had with the FBI over some case and its impact on the user’s privacy.

Apple, Amazon, Google stand up for Microsoft’s lawsuit against the Government

Such a scenario has come up again in Microsoft’s fight against the United States Government regarding the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA). Major tech companies have come out in support of Microsoft’s stand against the act. Companies like Apple Inc. Amazon, Google, Mozilla, etc. has come out in the open supporting the lawsuit that Microsoft has filed against the act. The lawsuit is to prevent the United States Government to prevent ECPA from allowing officials to send government notifications to users.

According to ECPA, the United States Government Officials will be able to determine whether companies should send information requests to the users. Well, we all know that it is essentially not going to be a request from the Government as it never is.

Many other organizations apart from Apple, Amazon, Google, etc. have also come out in support of the lawsuit. The distinguishable organizations include the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers, Fox News, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, etc.

The companies believe that notifying the user for the information that is being commented is their right and choosing whether to let them know it or not is in direct violation. With such scenarios rising up in the United States, similar situations might as well come up in the European countries. Although, there is no guarantee that Microsoft’s Lawsuit will be successful, but the coming together of companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. still shows that the users have the highest priority for the companies.