Putting an official end to speculations, Apple Inc. takes the stage now. Yes, it is time for the 7/9/2016 Keynote.

Apple Keynote LiveWe have already seen many tech experts and news giants expecting, confirming and even judging Apple devices before their launch. In proportion to the massive pre launch coverage would be the launch and post launch news.

Obviously, many of us want to catch the streaming of the Keynote live. But Apple being Apple, has simply put a wallpaper on its website describing the time in PDT and

How to catch the Apple Keynote live from your home?

Streaming andTime Zone!

As per the website, the Keynote streams at 10am Pacific Daylight Time or PDT. How does it translate to other time zones? Let’s have a look!

2. IST: Indian Standard Time is 12hours 30minutes ahead of the PDT. This means, the 10AM telecast would receive a scantier audience there as the clock would be ticking 10:30PM

3. GMT: Countries using the Greenwich Mean Time would be accessing the live stream it from 5PM in the evening.  As we know,  there is no difference between UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and GMT. Hence, it can be accessed on

4. Time Zones in Australia: Australia has 5 standard time zones.  However, from Kingston to Christmas Island, the sun would set in all of the country. Die hard Apple fans might be awake to catch the glimpse of surprises which Mr. Cook unveils.

Streaming Apple Keynote Live!

Apple Keynote

Streaming the Keynote live would require Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming or HLS technology. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, with iOS 7.0 or above, you can stream it on the latest version of Safari.

For those owning a Mac, Safari 6.0.5 on OS X 10.8.5 or later would easily suffice.

Even Windows 10 users running Microsoft Edge can catch the Keynote Live from their systems.

As far as Apple TV users are concerned, 4th generation devices are ready to stream. While, 2nd and 3rd generation users can access it via software 6.2 or above.

When all set with the above, you can access the Live Streaming of Keynote on this link.

The best way to access the live updates from the Keynote, is following Twitter handles of popular tech websites such as tech2, Engadget etc.

For the world of commercial electronics, Apple holds the key to change the game. How the September Keynote fares? Let’s wait and find out !!