Remember Tres Commas club from TV show Silicon Valley, though it is an American colloquial, British billionaires list is shuffling a bit too quickly this year. Many billionaires, ten to name the list have dropped from the Brit Tres Commas Club to just multi-millionaires.
Brit Tres Commas Club

Sounds strange, this is what the Daily Mail reported, Nat Rothschild John Hargreaves, Crispin Odey, Lord Paul, Telis Mistakidis and Alex Beard are no longer included in the billionaires list as stock markets have not been in their favour this year. Some were unshaken by all the crisis as they had too many billions. Like Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate lost a few billions but still stands strong in the Tres Commas Club. While being a billionaire brings you at par with 77 others in the rich list of the Brit Tres Commas Club, but it is maddening to see the kind of lavish and extraordinary lifestyle multi-millionaires live too.

British Rich List is very exclusive and only top businessmen, sportsmen, artists make the cut. The big shake-up is because of losses in the past year and also some people really making it big have entered the list. These are already famous multi-millionaires who made it to the Brit Tres Commas Club, with their newly gained wealth. It is comforting to know that people from all the spheres, by doing good work can reach this exclusive club.

We often see representations of billionaires with airs and stereotyped behaviours, but oft no one is allowed to peak at their private lives. They know money can buy what they desire and they are happy working hard and playing by their choices. In 2016, Hamilton became the richest sportsman in the UK by entering the Brit Tres Commas Club and actor/comic Sacha Baron Cohen and his wife are newly listed billionaires too. Other multi-millionaires who can be seen next year in the British rich list are Wayne Rooney, David and Victoria Beckham.

It is good news for Formula One and Borat fans all over the globe. As for Russ Hanneman, Silicon Valley Season 3 premieres tonight.

Image: tumblr