So last week EA caused a furore amongst football fans when it released the top 50 players of FIFA 17. Many people complained that the ratings were in no way justified. On the other hand, many said that it was finally time that EA gave out accurate ratings. So, when I looked at the ratings, I had to admit that some of them were plain absurd.fifa 17

So being a hardcore football fan, I have tried to analyze the FIFA ratings over here. Also, if you are a Barcelona fan or a Messi fanboy, this article is going to be hard to swallow for you. I have tried to analyze everything from a neutral’s perspective. So please do not call me Madrista in the comments section. Also, do not give this logic that Barcelona’s players’ ratings got lowered because of the PES deal. This is a self defeating argument as it would mean that Barcelona players got higher ratings because of the deal with EA. So, with all this said, here is my analysis of the top 50 FIFA 17 ratings


Want to start a fight between football fans? Just say Messi is better than Ronaldo or vice versa. EA did something similar when it gave Ronaldo (94) a higher rating than that of Messi (93). Now for me, this rating is completely justified. Now hear me out. Ronaldo had a far better season than Messi. He won the UCL and the Euro Championship with Portugal. Messi did win the domestic double Barcelona, but here Neymar and Suarez often contributed more than he did. Real Madrid do have bale and Benezema but it is more often than not that Real Madrid are bailed out by Ronaldo. So here the ratings are justified.


The dribbling stats were almost perfect for me apart from one player in the top 5. The player? Cristiano Ronaldo. In the above section I clearly defended why he deserves to be the top rated player. But he is not amongst the top 5 dribblers. No, he is not. It has been ages since we last saw him terrorize defenses with his dribbling skills week in week out. He is a phenomenal goal-scorer, but he is not a great dribbler.


Another bone of contention amongst Barcelona fans is the passing stats. EA rated Payet’s passing abilities higher than that of Messi’s. Again, I agree with them. Payet doesn’t play for any glamorous club like Chelsea, Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern etc. So it is easy for people to overlook his abilities. Being a person who watches all the 10 games in the EPL, I can clearly tell you that the rating is justified. Messi plays with players like Iniesta, Suarez and Neymar, so it is obvious that his pass completion rate is going to be higher when compared to Payet. But, when you look at the passes that Payet tries to play you will understand why he got a higher rating when compared to Messi.


All the other stats are nearly justified for me. However, when I do have some problems with the criteria these people have chosen for this purpose. Players like Hazard and Aubameyang are extremely fast when sprinting however, with the ball they are considerably slower. So wouldn’t it be better if there were two pace ratings? One for normal sprints and one for dribbling speed. Wouldn’t this be considerably better?


What in the world is Wayne Rooney doing with a 87 overall rating? He is clearly past his prime and an 87 rating in no way justifies his form during the last couple of years. Another thing I felt that the goalkeeper ratings are a bit of an overkill. Also, Pepe and Ramos too got overtly generous ratings. Had Ramos been a striker, his 89 overall rating would have been justified. All in all, the overall ratings are a bit generous in places, whereas they are down right absurd in others.


Yes, there I have said it. Apart from Zlatan, Mkhitiryan and De Gea’s ratings, none of the other ratings are justified. Rooney at 87 is a joke. Pogba with 88 is hard to accept. How in the world did Martial cross the 80 mark? Luke Shaw at 80 despite being injured for 90% of the season? Smalling at 85 is simply atrocious. The fact that EA would give the same rating to John Terry and Chris Smalling is incomprehensible. At 35, John Terry is still Chelsea’s defensive rock. On the other hand, Chris Smalling is not even a starter at times. Yes, he played brilliantly at times, but more often than not he is a defensive liability.

What EA is basically doing here is showing heavy favoritism to Manchester United. These players may go on to receive higher ratings in the career mode. However, most of them do not deserve to be rated this high right at the start.


So I have mentioned my thoughts on the latest FIFA ratings. Some of them are fair, most of them generous and quite a few are absurd. So am I satisfied with this? To some extent, yes. However, I really hope that a patch or something else comes along that fixes these skewed ratings. Till then let us all hope that the rest of the ratings are not similarly skewed.

So what are your thoughts on the latest FIFA ratings? Do let us know in the comments section below.