Taiwanese hardware manufacturer, Acer has again proven its mettle in innovation with the launch of Acer Swift 7. Claimed to be the slimmest laptop till date, Swift 7 has made headlines at the IFA 2016 at Berlin. Its revelation has created a stir in the laptop industry and experts are already calling it the official MacBook Air killer.Acer Swift 7


At 9.98mm, Acer Swift 7 is less than a centimeter thick, and is exclusively available on Windows 10 platform. It has been showcased with the following configuration:

  1. 3 inches backlit LED panel display with IPS.
  2. Full HD Resolution at 1920X1080 pixels.
  3. 256 GB SSD boosted by 8 GB RAM.
  4. 7th Generation Core i5 processor with integrated Intel HD graphics.

The machine is crafted out of unibody Aluminum, is sleek and weighs a light 2.4 pounds. What grabs the eye is the whole machine being fan less. Thanks to Intel’s Kaby Lake processors, which are designed to support 3D graphics, 4K video playback along with better temperature management.

Acer has been in the habit of regularly bringing fresh gadgets on the table. From economic E series of laptops, stick PC, One S tabtops, Acer has excelled in presenting powerful machines for all pockets.

Acer Swift 7 begins shipping this September to China and would arrive to the US in October. Holiday season would definitely fetch a home run in sales, subject to the reviews are as amazing as the launch of the machine has been.

Slimmer laptops, though having nothing different to offer than conventional counterparts, have created a small niche. Focused on productivity, easy portability, and of course style cum fashion, these zero thickness machines are an interesting invention.


To its competition, Acer Swift 7 has Lenovo Yoga and HP Spectre series of laptops. These machines have been critically acclaimed for their design and performance would give Acer runs for its money.

Apart from these, Apple MacBook Air would always be waiting to be compared, tested and benchmarked against.  It is to be noted that newer version of Air is yet to be announced. But comparisons based on speculations have already been floated and can be checked out easily.

The Acer Swift 7 begins at $999, and would be available online as well as offline.