With thunder blasted response from the audience, Pokemon GO kick started in the games’ market. Though the beginning was like a thunderbolt, the game has been striving for superiority and fame after losing more than 10 million active users since the mid of July. To keep their current active users associated with the game, Niantic is applying all the energy in the game that is necessary. poke

About two weeks earlier, the Pokemon Go Development Team added the new feature in the game called the Pokemon Appraisal which allows the trainer to acquire more knowledge about a Pokemon’s attack and its defense capabilities from their in-game team leader (Candela, Blanche or Spark), This feature helps the trainer to know which Pokemon of their collection is most potential for battle.

The new upcoming feature, Niantic is providing to the trainers is called “Buddy Pokemon.” This feature is expected to be the Milestone for the game after saving and raising the game’s popularity.

The feature, “Buddy Pokemon,” will allow the trainer(s) to select any of the Pokemon from their collection and make it their Buddy. To use a Pokemon as a Buddy, no special ranking and tactics are required, provided the term that Pokemon is in your collection. The Buddy Pokemon will appear standing alongside to the trainer’s avatar on the trainer’s profile page. The feature open-up unique in-game rewards and experiences. The feature is set to award a candy when a trainer goes for a walk with its Buddy Pokemon. Candies can be used to unlock many powers and to explore other stuff in Pokemon Go. The trainer will be free to flip the current Buddy Pokemon with any other of their wish.

There is no special announcement by Niantic disclosing the rewards which could be a Pikachu, and neither gave any news about the release date of “Buddy Pokemon.”