After a week or two of Rainbow Six: Siege’s launch, it had become a game that has passionate lovers as well as haters. The fans of this game love it because it’s difficult, much skilled and focus based, smarter and different in many aspects from other games which is a male or a female shooter that doesn’t take all its hints from Call of Duty. The haters hate this game because it’s neither the Rainbow Six that they want to remember nor the Rainbow Six they want to see.

Rainbow Six SiegeIt might not be a faithful update of Rainbow Six but it’s a genius and a fantastic reinvention.

It is very true that lack of planning makes the game very less tactical as per minute by minute game play but at the same time you can also debate that there is as much Counter Strike in Siege’s DNA than earlier version of Rainbow Six and you would most probably win the debate.

Well there is a whole lot of generic architecture, flat looking furniture and associated decorations in the world of Siege, while the lighting is quite flat to boot.

There are various pros and cons of Rainbow Six Siege

The positive aspects are that it fosters an incredible sense and spirit of familiarity with teammates, it is indeed scrupulously accurate, features a great deal of combat gadgets, and it is god damn hell very addictive.

While the negative phase of the game are removal of the planning phase in the Siege will annoy many of the expert game players, it would not benefit much from the extra multiplayer mode and the shortage of serious single player format is very disappointing and lastly the graphics of this game is not that good which is to be rated as underwhelming.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available in Ebay and Amazon worth $23 for ps4 and $28.59 for Xbox One. Go and grab them as soon as you can before they become out of stock.

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