Qualcomm has launched a virtual reality platform under the name Snapdragon VR820. Venturing into one of the fastest growing consumer technology field now, Qualcomm has now matched up to compete against Intel, which recently showcased its VR platform: Project Alloy.Qualcomm Snapdragon VR 820

Qualcomm is chipset giant and has a respectable status as a hardware provider. Prior to VR, it has launched several high speed communications chips, multi core processors. The American equipment manufacturer has provided solutions for portable computing, software, networking, healthcare and even automotive. Now, it enters into the world of virtual reality, a dynamic amalgamation of smart computing and networking.

Snapdragon VR820 is not an end user headset, rather it is a development platform/ reference headset. Just like Qualcomm does with its chips and processors, we can see companies teaming up for dedicated VR headsets that bear logo “Powered by Qualcomm”.

The headset, in its proprietary mode, has the following features:

  1. Twin cameras for user’s eye and gesture tracking
  2. 4K Video Quality
  3. 3D Sound
  4. Wirefree
  5. Quadra Microphones
  6. Gyro
  7. Accelerometer
  8. Magnetometer

Along with the hardware, a Software Development Kit (SDK) has also been launched by Qualcomm.  At IFA, the headset was available for demo and on a general opinion basis, it has created quite an impression at Berlin.

Qualcomm is known for options as per budget. This is the reason that we can see Qualcomm chips being used in low, mid as well as high priced smart phones. It might also want to repeat the same with the VR headsets too. Showcasing the one with top configurations, but independence to customise as per price range would not only give users a range to choose from, but also make manufacturers do something as diverse as they have done to headphones or speakers.

Since this a developer version, we can expect to see quite a number of changes when the headset reaches the customer. Qualcomm does not expect that the wait for a consumer version would be long enough.

Virtual reality niche is on the multiplicative popularity curve. From gaming giants (Sony), phone legends (Samsung) and Social media kings (Facebook’s Oculus), it has now come open to all tech companies who seek to invest in this field.

It would be very interesting for us, the consumers to see what is coming next!!