It has been 3 months since the first trailer of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare came out. During these 3 months, the game has accumulated about 3.5 million dislikes. It has the honor or rather the dishonor of being the most disliked video on YouTube. Even Justin Beiber’s Baby and Adolf Hitler’s speeches have less number of dislikes when compared to it. The amount of hate and negativity it is getting is simply spectacular. However, if you look at it closely, you will notice that much of the criticism it is getting is

Ever since Black Ops II came out, Activision is on a downward spiral. It appears as if the creative team has lost its zest for making a great game. With each passing game, Call of Duty is losing more and more of its following. What used to be great, FPS military games have now become generic FPS games with the military aspect diminishing with each passing game.

Another baffling thing these people are doing is continuously taking the game forward into the future when it is clearly not working. Advanced Warfare got a lukewarm reception. The reason? The game felt more of a Power Rangers kind of game than it did of a Call of Duty game. No one wants to take control of super-powered soldiers, we already have Crysis for that. Also, EA and Crytek did a far better job at doing this super-powered thing than Activison have done and that too when it came out half a decade ago. It is like they are out of ideas and are recycling and plagiarizing ideas from older games. It is as if they are expecting the gamers to just blindly buy their games just because the title says Call of Duty.

The next major issue with Activision I have is why? Why for the love of God are you taking Call of Duty to space? Don’t we already have games like Halo, Mass Effect etc.? These games came out 5 years ago, you are late to the bandwagon and you don’t have any place in it. Call of Duty is a military shooter game. Do you guys see EA doing this with Battlefield? No, you don’t. Those guys know what their franchise is about. They took the game back to World War I when they had no new elements left to explore in the modern day version of the game. The next thing you know is that the main character of the game will be called Master Chief or Commander Shepard.

To cap it all off, here are some of the most hilarious comments on the trailer on YouTubecod1cod2

If you don’t believe me, here is the link for the trailer. Go and read the comments for yourself and have a fun time.

With this game, what Activision has done is dragged its good name through the mud. From the creators of the legendary Modern Warfare trilogy, they are now creating this crap. Do yourself as well as the gaming community a favor Activison. Do not release this game. Just do not, say that the discs got destroyed in a fire or a virus wiped them clean. Say whatever you want, but do not release it. Release the Modern Warfare Remastered instead. Put this up as DLC, but do not release it as a game for which a person has to shell out 30$ or so. We all want to remember Activision as the company that gave us the Modern Warfare series, not for this. You release it, and you will destroy the last remaining vestiges of your good name. So please, just cancel Call of Duty: Infinte Warfare.