Ludum dare 36’s ‘ancient technology’ theme jam resulted in the invention of the latest ‘old school’ game No Mario’s Sky, which is full of innumerable mutant Goombas, coins, mushroom-shaped powers and rocket ships. After Bomber Mario and Super Mario Galaxy, No Mario’s Sky is a must play game for the fans of this little brave Italian plumber.mario1
No Mario’s Sky is the fusion of Hello Games’ space adventure game No Man’s Sky and the popular vintage hit by Nintendo – Super Mario. No Mario’s Sky is the outcome of association of ASMB Games’ four Melbourne based software developers, Ben Porter, Alex Mc, Sam Izzo and Cahill, came out of the box in only 72 hours.

Just like No Man’s Sky, Mario in No Mario’s Sky travels the never-ending universe. But here, our little plumber has to find his princess instead of finding the center of the galaxy. The game, with its original music, is in its vintage 2D format, just like the theme ‘ancient technology.’ The game offers the rotating world which makes it a little rigid to jump- which is not high but the developer said that they will fix it soon. Although, Mario is not much modified, mutation in Goombas is shown by bulged eyes and extended teeth.

Currently, the game is available to download for free from ASMB’s official website. No Mario’s Sky is available for all Windows, Mac and Linux users. If you want to experience the rotating world of Mario, you better hurry before Nintendo bang the developer with legal notice. In this month only, Nintendo has already filed copyright claims against two fan developers- one of them developed the non-paid game called Pokemon Uranium and another was the developer of AM2R which was taken into account as the remake of Metroid 2: Return of Samus.