Citröen (a.k.a Citroen) has already headlined the auto world before the Paris Auto Show 2016 with its CXperience Concept car. French Automobile major derived the name from sedan CX, popular during a new age to retro times. The concept car being showcased here is, however, a hatchback.

CitroenDetails About Citroen’s CXperience

Not merging with the mainstream race on pure electric cars, Citröen is showcasing a hybrid drivetrain in this concept.

Hybrid drivetrain means that the car has an electric motor as well as a gasoline engine at its heart. The electric motor can run CXperience for a distance of upto 60 Km. Conventionally fuelled gasoline engine is powerful enough to delivers upto 200 horsepowers. In the urban areas, the car can work as a zero emission vehicle, providing a comfortable drive in the high traffic density areas. When hitting the freeway or the highway, gas can be pumped in, which, either alone or in the hybrid mode, can fetch a very fast and powerful ride.

When going the hybrid way, the car can deliver a solid performance with an engine that delivers 250-300 horsepower over an automatic transmission. Though a concept right now, CXperience does not seem to be a far off idea, considering the past consistencies of its manufacturers.

Looks and Features

As we have always witnessed, there are some major as well as minor changes when the real version of the concept car is rolled into the market. Keeping this idea in mind, Citroen’s high optimism on this car can be understood and decoded.

Coming to looks, the car seems to be a blend between a high end sports car and an uber looking luxury hatchback. Chrome finishing on the outside, dual colored interiors, “V” shaped daytime running lights, projector LED clusters, external and interior cameras etc., are just a few to list from the numerous USPs.

As far as smart features are concerned, Citroen, again, has left no stone unturned. It has squeezed in every new feature including the latest recording and social media based streaming service “ConnectedCAM™ Citroën”.  For superior comfort to the passengers and drivers, “Citroën Advanced Comfort ®” program has also been included. Other modern neccessities such a touch screen display for assisting the driver, to lesser clutter on the dashboard.

CXperience concept may be far from an actual car, but its compatibility with Citroen’s user interactive systems is a sign that the car might be launched by the next Paris Auto Show.

Citröen’s press release focusses on the tag line “Be Different, Feel Good” as their new concept is beyond conventional vehicle thinking.

When just a press release and a teaser video can stir up the automobile world, imagine the impact that official unveiling of the concept would have.The offline demo of Citroen’s CXperience can be experienced at Hall 1, Aisle C, Stand 320. For public, the gates would be open only on October 1st, 2016. 

What is Next for Citroen

With a hybrid vehicle that promises to be ride friendly, powerful, feature rich and economic at the same time, would put Citroen  under a lot of undue pressure. But it all seems necessary to expand its global reach.

Already present in 57 countries, Citröen can aim for a vehicle pious beginning to a journey of capturing larger markets. The new concept would be more in demand where people want more mileage and power from their vehicles. With new version of C3 heading, Citroen might be preparing a whole new fleet of vehicles to arrive at newer countries.

Check out the teaser of the car, hold your breath this September end to get a detailed first look impresson of the Concept CXperience.