Physician, Standup Comedian Ken Jeong did appreciable job in the show. A woman had a medical emergency during the show he comes to rescue her. He is a comedian too and turned to physician is in the middle of his comedy routine.


This happens at the Stand Up Live Comedy Club in Phoenix during Jeong’s routine. The trained physician and former star of ABC’s Dr. Ken jumped from the stage to help a woman in the third row who required medical assistance.

Jeong is about 48 years old and his action was admirable, says Heather Holmberg, a Phoenix resident who was in the audience.

“It’s a wonderful story. The timing was very perfect, Ken just jumped from the stage to help,” says Holmberg, noting that the woman appeared to be having a seizure. An EMT in the audience also came quickly for assistance.

“He couldn’t see what was going on with the lights. He thought he was being heckled. He was playing with them from the stage for a second,” Holmberg says. “And it was like, ‘No, no, no. We need you!’ He realized there was an issue, and he came over.

It was a moment where time stands still. Someone was having a crisis. There was a hush over the room.” Jeong stayed with the woman until she recovered and was taken away by ambulance.

Then he returned to the stage and finished his routine. He really did great job.