Levying sugar, alcohol and unhealthy habits may help poor combat ruinous health costs, along with preventing the people living unwholesome lifestyle, according to the health experts from United Kingdom.

An array of analyses based on the worldwide burden due to the diseases caused by the unhealthy lifestyle such as heart disease, diabetes and cancers, which are usually developed by the person’s diet and more because of the daily activities.

Lancet Taskforce head, Dr Rachel Nugent from RTI International in Seattle stated that, “The evidence suggests that concerns about higher taxes on tobacco, alcohol, and soft drinks harming the poor are overstate.”


So, the health experts are urging for the global advocacy for such ‘sin taxes’, in order to deter people from unhealthy habits as well as outbreaks of some diseases. Findings of their research have been revealed in the journal – The Lancet.

However, the head of taskforce for the special edition of The Lancet journal, Dr Rachel Nugent noted that the non-communicable diseases like cancers, diabetes and heart disease, accounting nearly 38 million deaths across the world, among which 16 million people age under 70 years old, are the significant consequence and leading causes of poverty.

Study’s co-author and international health professor, Dr David Peters from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health said in a statement that, “There is a vicious cycle of NCDs leading to poverty and poverty leading to NCDs. Part of it is the spread of diet and lifestyles and part of it is because people weren’t looking at it before. If you don’t shine a light on it, you don’t see it as a problem.”