Stopping exercise suddenly could cause depressive symptoms, according to the latest study. Depression cases are rising at an alarming rate and it’s becoming a major concern across the globe, in the last two decades.


Julie Morgan, a Ph.D. student at the University of Adelaide’s Discipline of Psychiatry in Australia has reviewed earlier studies’ results that analyzed how suddenly stopping exercise affects regularly active adults. The study says adequate physical activity and exercise are necessary both physical and mental health.

Current public health guidelines suggest that at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a week can prevent depression and benefits health. Regular physical activity can reduce and treat depression.

The study reviewed the cessation of exercise in 152 adults. Each of them had undertaken at least 30 minutes of exercise. Three days in a week, for a minimum of three months.

The study results revealed that following this amount of exercise caused increases in depressive symptoms in just less than 3 days. Other findings found that participant’s depressive symptoms started to rise after the first one or two weeks.

“This suggests some kind of novel effect in these cases, although we should add some caution here, as the number of people included in the studies we examined was small. Such findings would need to be replicated in additional trials,” says Professor Bernhard Baune, Head of Psychiatry at the University of Adelaide and senior author on the paper.

“For now, it is important that people understand the potential impact on their mental well-being when they suddenly cease regular exercise,” he added.

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