Volvo has again caught attention of vehicle lovers by creating World Records with their Iron Knight Series of trucks. A custom built of the truck weighing 4500Kg, now proudly owns records for clocking fastest runs in the 500m and 1000m. The man behind the wheel in registering the truck to speed heavens was none other than the veteran truck racer Boije Ovebrink.

Volvo Iron KnightWas it a Surprise From Volvo? No!

As evident from its News and Stories section of the truck website, Volvo had been regularly posting updates about refining its powertrain, fuel efficiency and run. An update on 17th August was released by the company about taking on the speed challenge.

A 24th August update by Volvo acted as an official announcement of setting new world records. Overwhelmend by the achievement, Volvo has given the credit to  driver and the genius engineering support staff. Coming to the machine, Volvo has extensively appreciated its I-Shift Dual Clutch for the World Record.

What Records have been Created?

Here is a brief summary about twin records that Volvo’s Iron Knight has broken:

  1. 500m Run: The beast covered this distance in 13.71 seconds, at an average speed of 131.29 Km/h.
  2. 1000m Run: Iron Knight covered 1km distance at an average speed of 169 Km/h and took 21.29 seconds to complete the run.

Of course the truck wasn’t in its regular shape and had a few extra tweaks such as taking off extra electronics to make the vehicle lighter and minor shuffling in the software. But the same can be deemed necessary as no major changes were done to the vehicle.

Volvo continues the Amazement

This is not the first time that Volvo has shown off its heavy vehicle series. In 2013, the company had teamed up with Jean-Claude Van Damme, where the actor had an epic split in motion between Volvo’s FM series of trucks.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion defines a concept called Momentum, a product of mass into acceleration. Trucks, one of the heaviest vehicles on road, have rarely boosted the racing adrenaline. Volvo can be credited for keeping the hopes up as it holds several speed related records for its trucks. In fact, the Records that Iron Knight has broken were earlier starred to Volvo’s “Green Machine” .

With these impressive speed record, Volvo has set itself leagues apart from the other truck manufacturers including Benz, Leyland etc.

Catch the video of the truck breaking the record here: