Microsoft has announced two new future consoles out of which Project Scorpio will be the next-Gen console with high end specifications, full 4K video gaming, resulting as the company’s flagship and the Xbox One S which was announced this year during E3, also which will be the first to hit the market. xbox tnc update

It comes with three storage variants, out of which 2TB variant priced at a reasonable and affordable tag, the Xbox One S remains a bridge that connects the gap between the Project Scorpio and standard edition Xbox One. The Xbox One S has a full 4K video Ultra HD and a BluRay player.

But are the features enough for you to upgrade from the standard edition to the new “S” or should you wait for Project Scorpio to hit the market? To avoid the hassle in your mind, we have narrowed down a list of differences between the Xbox One and the Xbox One S.

Undoubtedly, the major change that is noticeable is the size of the console when compared with the predecessor, the Xbox One S is 40% smaller and portable. The more slimmer, you can place it easily vertically and make more room in the entertainment unit that you have. The two face design, one with a matte finish and the other half of the console is patterned by machined holes for cooling and other aesthetic purposes. The pleasing white finished design is now restricted to only white, but we can soon expect more custom designs.

The controller has gained some welcoming changes that Xbox One fails to give us. Similar to the original, but the Xbox One S has firm grip so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand so easily, twice the range than its predecessor, works with tablets with Windows OS PCs, and via Bluetooth you can connect to phones and tablets.

Xbox One S is capable of 4K Ultra HD content playable, BluRay videos could also be played, much better than the likes you have got from Samsung and Panasonic. For a BluRay Ultra HD player, in the market, this one is the best you can find in the competitive price. The 4K video support in Xbox One S enhances the color of the videos by extending the range, makes every second on your TV looks awesome. The Xbox One S also has an IR built inside, saves your time for searching remotes of TV, video and audio players. Microsoft has given up concerns about the Kinect port by ditching it in the build of Xbox One S, therefore no support of motion-tracking technology anymore.

The On/Off switch is buttonized in the Xbox One S rather than having a touch button as in the Xbox One. The USB port is in the front of Xbox One S console instead of being on the side as in the Xbox One. Above all, the main feature which could satisfy and push you to upgrade is the wide dynamic range of video quality you will get, as this console prevails one of the best among the available 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Players.

The price of the available 2TB version is $399.00,  500GB and 1TB model will be launched later at $299 for the 500GB version, moving up to $349 for the 1TB.

If you have got a spanking new 4K TV, looking for a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player, the Xbox One S is the one to go for. With the entry level pricing, I don’t see anything hard that stops you from buying the upgraded console. However, if you want a true full 4K gaming, you can hold off until next year for Project Scorpio, which might come with more amp high quality VR at the end of 2017.


  1. I bought a Xbox One S and I don’t have a 4K TV just yet and it’s still worth it to get one in my opinion. It’s a very nice solid console with a bump in the spec’s where you can see better FPS on game’s with unlocked FPS like Fallout 4.