New York helicopter crash causes two people no more and three were serious. The incident happened in New York City’s East River. It crashed around Sunday night 7 p.m.

New-York-helicopter-crashNew York Police Department Commissioner James O’Neill said that the chopper’s pilot managed to free himself, while two people were declared dead at the scene of the crash. Rescuers pulled three other people from the water and rushed them to nearby hospitals.

Two of the critical victims send to New York’s Bellevue Hospital with no heartbeat. They was a less expectation of their survival. The third critical victim send to NYU Langone Hospital.

At the time of helicopter crashed the group of officials was flying as a part of a Liberty Helicopter tour, was on the private Eurocopter AS 350 for a photo shoot. Officials said the water Sunday night was frigid, with temperatures below 40 degrees.

It was not clear how the helicopter crashed, but the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration planned to investigate.

The Fire Department of the City of New York Commissioner Daniel Nigro said rescue divers pulled five people from the chopper, which was “upside down and completely under water.

One witness told that she witnessed the whole incident. Another witness said that she and others were eating dinner at that time. They noticed a red helicopter going full speed towards the water. It just completely crashed and then dropped under water.

Then immediately witnesses call 911. By the time people reached there the helicopter was completely under the water.