If you consume numbers of cups of coffee in a day, then researchers have the reason for this. And it’s nowhere but in your DNA. The study conducted by UK’s researchers shows that variation in a gene is responsible in some people for consuming one or few mugs of coffee per pdss2

The study, published on Friday by the researchers of the University of Edinburgh in UK, reads that a genetic variation in a gene labelled as PDSS2 is the primary cause of why some people set about to take in less cups of coffee per day.

The mechanism, expressed hypothetically, says that the gene PDSS2 demote the capacity of cells to break-down caffeine, assigning the stimulators more time to linger in the body. Vice-versa in those who lacks the variation leads them to go for more cups of coffee in a day.

The finding is the conclusion of the study performed on 370 people from a village in South Italy and 834 people from six villages of Northeast Italy. In the research selected candidates were required to answer a question about how many cups of coffee they have every day.

As described in the result, candidates with variation in PDSS2 are more liable to consume less number of coffee mugs in a day than candidates lacking gene variation.

The same survey was conducted with a group of 1, 731 people from Netherland. Though the result was same, but people with gene variation and without opted less number of coffee mugs. To explain this Dr. Nicola Piratsu, co-author of the study, gave a reason that Italians consume smaller cups of coffee, but people in Netherland like to go for larger mugs. He also mentioned his plans to conduct the study on a larger scale.

“The results of our study add to existing research suggesting that our drive to drink coffee may be embedded in our genes. We need to do larger studies to confirm the discovery and also to clarify the biological link between PDSS2 and coffee consumption.”

                                                                          Dr. Nicola Pirastu

America is the biggest consumer of coffee with average 3.1 cups of coffee consumed by a drinker per day. Over 50% of Americans over 18 years of age drink coffee every day.