Lenovo ThinkPad has a long legacy of tough business oriented computers. But the terms of doing business have changed revolutionarily. From Excel sheets to PowerPoint Presentations,we have arrived to conferences on the walk, intricate design discussions, execution of complicated codes, and what not.

Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga X1New and exciting avenues for businesses keep on popping up and so are computing requirements. Matching them, Lenovo has worked hard to lift its ThinkPad range of laptops above the usual boring business status. The Chinese multinational has now launched brilliant OLED version of its award winning ThinkPad X1 Yoga.


This hybrid Ultrabook is already packed with countless amazing hardware features that can be maxed out to the following configuration:

  1. 6th gen Intel Core i7 Processor
  2. 256 GB SSD ROM
  3. 16 GB DDR3 RAM
  4. 802.11 ac Wi-Fi along with Bluetooth 4.1
  5. 64-bit Windows 10 OS

It even supports Windows Hello, thus adding fingerprint and face recognition password functionality.

When compared to its competitors, the X1 Yoga topped them all in Geekbench 3.

Topping all these features is the newly introduced 14 inch 2560X1440 anti-glare OLED display, that gives a crisp, colour rich user experience.

All these are well packed inside a sturdy case and still the laptop can weigh as low at 2.88 lbs or 1.27 Kg. Over that, a battery life of 9 hours gives the machine ample power to sustain for longer tasks.

The above mentioned configuration is not the only one that Lenovo has stuck to and several customisation options are available to the buyers.


Breathtaking, isn’t it? But we are NOT done yet, Lenovo is leaving no stone unturned and has planned to launch the following accessories:

  1. ThinkPad X1 Wireless Touch Mouse: Engineered on Bluetooth 4.0 and traditional wireless connectivity, this wireless mouse is aimed towards frequent travellers who don’t want wireless clutter. This mouse also doubles up as a touchpad presentation pointer that gives total navigational control to the user. Powered by an internal battery that runs upto an hour, the gadget holds easily into a palm.
  2. ThinkPad WiGig Dock : It is a unique wireless dock that connects the laptops to various I/O devices over 60GHz band. Data exchange speeds are as high as USB 3.0 and hibernation and stand by options are available to save power when not in use.
  3. OneLink+ Dock: It is simple dock that connects to the laptop via single cable. This dock can host USB 2.0, 3.0 connections, Ethernet, Audio jack and has a Kensignton cable lock slot.

Coming to the Yoga Series of Laptops, they are Lenovo’s four year old convertible Ultrabook series. Exclusively based on Windows platform, Yoga can be used as a conventional laptop which is flexible enough to take the keyboard to the back and itself into a tablet.

Undoubtedly, the laptop is priced at a  higher rang, but is worth every penny. The features are future proof and will meet the upgrade requirements without causing any major trade off in functionality.


  1. Only $2250 on Amazon! Get one today while supplies last!
    Seriously, while the X1 looks like a nice laptop, the ‘worth every penny’ part tells me this was a very well paid for ‘review’.
    One can get the same specs for more than $1000 less.

  2. I knew this “article” was nothing more than an ad after reading about the 9 hour battery life. That’s what Lenovo claims. I have an X1 (last generation) and it’s rated by Lenovo at 9 hours but I’m lucky to get 4-5 in pretty normal usage. Joke.