Scientists announce sea level rise become huge threat and even under a best case scenario, seas will rise about 3 feet worldwide by the year 2300 in a study.



According to the study of scientist delays in reducing carbon emissions would cause the oceans to rise more.

Carl-Friedrich Schleussner from Germany’s Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said every centimeter can make a huge difference for the people living in coastal area.

Rising seas are a threat to cities around the planet, from Shanghai to London, to low lying parts of Florida or Bangladesh and to entire nations such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean or Kiribati in the Pacific.

The millions of people around the world live where a 3-foot rise in sea levels would submerge their homes.

The study said sea level rise is a major consequence of climate change that will continue long after emissions of greenhouse gases have stopped.

The Paris climate agreement aims to limit warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Sea level rise is cleared signal of global warming.

The reason behind sea level rising is warming and expanding ocean water, the melting of mountain glaciers, ice caps and Antarctic ice sheets.

Water has climbed about a foot in some U.S. cities. 11 inches rise in New York and Boston, 12 inches rise in Charleston, S.C., 16 inches rise in Atlantic City, 18 inches rise in Norfolk and 25 inches rise in Galveston, Texas.

Matthias Mengel of the Potsdam Institute said large ice loss from Antarctica seems possible even under moderate rise in warming.

Mengel concluded that every delay in decrease in emissions could mean an additional 8 inches of sea level rise in the end.