Facebook is now in a role to play the game. Game of war? No its a psychological game. Facebook is removing the descriptions as well as claims to increase the scalability and personalization of the product. Earlier when Twitter was using hashtags for the descriptions then Facebook was copying the Twitters trends in 2014. Though it was improving its human written descriptions.


This will be a good news for the people’s who don’t browse Facebook in English. They will definitely be getting new, amazing and lots of topics to trend sooner.

But its a loss for the ones who are English speakers. As they earlier were scanning and getting the trending topics in a second, they won’t be able to get the worth click now.

You will be getting to see the trending topics that even better are in form to people’s interest. It will be connecting to the Pages that people will like, on their location, trends and with the before trending ones.

Now trending topics will be more in different languages.

Granting to the news Facebook is trying to decrease the human attraction with the trends. Surely if you will be receiving an interest in any particular niches like celebrity, sports, writing, music, academics then you will be getting more hashtags of them in your search list. But the point is you will not be able to distinguish what the cryptic hashtags are about. Instead, you will have to hover the trends to see the new floor.

Facebook alone owns and brings in a lot of money – approx. over $2 billion the back quarter. And thus, hiring scribers fore more languages on the planet would not break the record of earning either.

Instead of all this, Facebook should have chosen English for the descriptions of more trending topics. They give the axe then drop the language to another one if the user is with the unsupported language.

With 1.71 billion users of Facebook it should have kept it with the masses.