There was no evidence a crime was committed at US Border in which a patrol agent was killed more than two months ago while on patrol in West Texas, according to a new government memo.


There is no evidence to the mysterious death of US Border Agent, according to the internal memo from Carla L. Provost.

Provost’s memo said, the investigation up to this point has not revealed what might have caused Martinez to fall into the culvert.

Martinez was patrolling near Interstate 10 in Texas, on November 18. He died hours later of his injuries. He and his partner were found hurt near the culvert.

The agents were patrolling in separate vehicles and it’s unclear why both ended up at the bottom of the culvert, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

“There was no evidence a crime was committed indicating the presence of other persons or the commission of a crime,” Provost’s memo said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it had interviewed hundreds of people, combed through cellular data and analyzed DNA from the scene. But they had not found evidence of an attack.

“There were no defensive wounds” on Martinez or his partner and “there was no third party blood or DNA evidence from the place or from the agents’ clothing,” McAleenan’s memo said.

The only footprints at the scene belonged to the agents and first responder, according to McAleenan’s memo.

Earlier this month, a medical examiner in Texas said Martinez died from blunt injuries to his head, but the way of his death was “undetermined.”

Martinez’s injuries included fractures to his skull, right jaw, upper ribs and his right collarbone, according to an autopsy report released by the El Paso County Medical Examiner’s Office.