Following Trump’s tweet last December- “I have instructed my long-term doctor to issue, within two weeks, a full medical report- it will show perfection” – his campaign released a medical health letter which stated that Mr. Trump would be the healthiest president if elected. The report is in the news again after Trump’s doctor unveiled the time taken to forgraith the health report. 20160827140814

On Friday night to NBC Nightly News, 69-years-old, Dr. Harold Bornstein informed that the letter took only five minutes to get ready while a limo was rested outside his office in Manhattan. Dr. Bornstein said that he grabbed Trump’s tongue and transformed it in his own.

Tagged with medical health, the report was limited to only four paragraphs- which is clearly slimmer than expected -and filled with statements worshipping Mr. Donald Trump. The health letter was designed with statements like, “test results were astonishingly excellent” and “his physical strength and stamina are extraordinary.”

To clear his statement, Dr. Harold Bornstein bent over his words and said, “his health is excellent, especially his mental health.” He added, “I don’t think he is any better or worse than the average person that goes and exercises every single day.”

Dr. Harold Bornstein had been Trump’s family physician for more than 35 years.

To shield the campaign from negative remarks, a Trump campaign spokesman, John Miller said, “Dr. Bornstein has been Mr. Trump’s doctor for decades and is already familiar with his excellent health records.”

Campaigns’ spokesman agrees to public Trump’s health report if Hillary Clinton promise to do the same.