After filing a patent application for new anti-theft technology Apple is making a bid. This is to improve the security in iPhones for the users. This technology will dissuade thieves from stealing the costly phones.

Now the long active thieves are supposing of being in declining graph. Due to premium status of iPhones thieves were targeting these phones. Now its time to battle back. Now including Find My iPhone feature which will lock the stolen devices. This will also wipe off the data from it. Encryptions will also be in presentation which will protect the phone from incorrect fingerprints and passwords.

The new system is definitely going to increase the security with-in the phone.

The document or application that is already sent to the company will be in look to join the technology. The new iPhones will be launching such feature in which you will even come to know who is holding the device on activation of trigger conditions.

The trigger conditions will be attempting unauthorised access by a third-party device. It will also be including the person who is trying to break through iPhones security features.

Guessing how iPhone will help in this? Keep your guess aside and read ahead. The biometrics will read the fingerprints of the person who is holding the phone immediately. It will also capture the picture along with the audio of surrounding environment. Plus adding on GPS location will also be tracking easily.

iPhne security

The data will further be in hands of the server who is collecting the information related to the lost phone. This will help in determining the thief.
Some technical issues are there in hand that several times touching the key to capture fingerprint is in need.

Now the thief will think several time before stealing the iPhone as so easily they will be in lock ups now.