After five being discovered previously, a study linked 8 more types of cancer obese people may face. Earlier to that only breast, womb, bowel, kidney and esophageal cancer were thought to be experienced by overweight people. Latest mentioned cancer types include- ovarian, stomach, liver, pancreatic, gall bladder, thyroid, myeloma- a bone marrow cancer, and meningioma- a tumor associated with the brain.oBesity1

Government’s lenient strategy to control obesity in children has been criticized greatly by medical experts and informed people. According to experts, policy designers have thrown away a good opportunity to surmount the habits of corrupt and junk eating. The strategy was deficient of the two major measures- walk or run a mile every morning and providing 30 minutes extra time for physical activity in school -the Public Health England informed, would impact the most on children’s obesity.

Obese people are at the risk to face maladies of which diabetes is most common, but cancer is not far behind with 13 types of obesity may lead to, population struggling with cancer are likely to elevate in coming years. Other conditions, obesity may cause includes heart strokes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, gout, sleep apnea and asthma. Obese people with a family history of those conditions are at major risk to experience one.

According to the chairman of the working group, Dr. Graham Colditz, a professor of medicine and surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, these 13 cancers together account for 42 percent of all new cancer diagnoses.

“Only smoking comes close” as an environmental factor affecting cancer risk, Dr. Colditz said. “And that’s an important message for nonsmokers. Obesity now goes to the top of the list of things to focus on.”

A Cancer Research in UK reported that more than 18,000 people diagnosed with cancer every year are due to obesity the biggest cause following smoking. Ultimately, prevention of obesity will lower the number of cancer strugglers in UK at great rates.oBesity2

Most simple steps to overcome obesity includes Bariatic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery and Gastric surgery. But these measures require a bag full of bucks and these may cause harm to the body. Easy and harmless steps to control overweight includes- controlling your appetite, getting stable blood sugar level, consuming low-calorie food and performing physical activity.

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