After the success of PlayStation4, Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the launch of two new PlayStation 4 models. These are expected to launch in September. Sony is going to reveal these new consoles on 7th September. The PS4 displays 8th generation graphics. It has AMD Accelerated Processing Unit [APU] which builds upon the x86-64 architecture. The PlayStation 4 received a great critical reception and was loved by fans. It defeated its biggest competitor, Microsoft’s Xbox One in terms of sale.PlayStation 4But now the graphics are upgrading and there is a huge demand for improvement in the GPU. Sony will be unveiling a new standard Play Station 4 and a PS4 Neo. We are giving you the latest information about them on the basis of recent leaks and rumours.


The new consoles are very slim and thin. This means they would be easier to carry. The Journal’s reporters also revealed the images and according to them, the console features a matte finish and has a 500GB inside. The PlayStation 4 Neo includes a more powerful chipset and supports 4K gaming. The focal point of PlayStation 4 Neo is the introduction of 4K gaming to the PlayStation models. The Xbox One S already features 4K display. It is going to be very exciting. The slimmer device is expected to be below $350 as its counterpart Xbox One S also starts at $299. To supplement its newer versions, Sony is launching PlayStation VR as well.


The PlayStation4 has been a record breaking product. It has sold about 40 million units worldwide. The Xbox One has sold just half of it. Microsoft has thrown its trump card in the form of Xbox One S which can be a game changer in the market. The new era of breathtaking 4K display has begun in the gaming arena. The 4k display was already there in PC gaming and now it has arrived in the consoles too. The information about the specs of the newer versions are still not officially announced. To make a proper analysis, we should wait for 7th September. Some more PlayStation 4 exclusives are also expected to be announced in the presentation.