Future of automobiles has already been created by Tesla. Elon Musk’s brainchild has not only captured the USA, but is also set to spearhead the alternate fuel car market in other countries too. Now in the world of technology, Elon’s name is synonymous with innovation. He ventures exclusively into ground breaking ideas and then proceeds to other fields after creating a whole new market.Tesla

With Tesla, Musk is not only focusing on better and cleaner personal commute, but also on the longevity of vehicles, easy maintenance and penniless affordability. An example of the same is the launch of a new battery pack, that looks like a super power for the Model S.

Fastest Accelerating Production Car? 

Tesla’s Model S P100D (Ludicrous mode), has bagged a place in one of the fastest accelerating production cars. Taking merely 2.5 seconds for a 0-60 acceleration, all wheel drive electric vehicle stands only behind Ferrari and Porsche’s sports models.

Interestingly, unlike Ferrari and Porsche,  Model S P100D is not a two-seater sports car, but a proper family sedan, where as many as 5 adults can sit comfortably. To add more, Tesla’s Model S is the only electric car as of now to have achieved this record.

This feat has been possible by application of a larger capacity 100 kWh battery that enables it to run for as much as 315 miles per charge and as said before, gives better speed too.

Going liberal for consumers awaiting the delivery of their Model S 90 D Ludicrous ones, Tesla has given an option to upgrade to higher capacity battery pack, at a price of $10,000. Those who already own a model S and still need the battery can get from shelling out $20,000.

While Tesla was in no compulsion for this upgrade, and is already busy in meeting the delivery schedule for Model 3, this certainly has shut down critics and panicked the competitors.  It is also a vivid example that how futuristic design is imbibed in these vehicles.  They easily adapt to a major hardware change and perform without any glitch. Further, it is going to enhance Tesla’s image in a lot of new and upcoming markets.

100 kWh upgrade is not just restricted to Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous, but is also available to the SUV, Model X. This battery upgrade would enable the latter to reach 0-60 mph at an astonishing 2.9 seconds.  Can’t wait to get your hands on a car that is cleaner than all its competitors and has hardly any trade offs? Visit a Tesla facility nearby and feel the future.