Dominant U.S. airlines have come to a consensus that the entire exorbitant smart luggage is dumb luggage now. Carriers including American, Delta, and Alaska are necessitating customers remove lithium-based batteries from the bags and transfer them from standpoint before stowing them in their aircraft, mentioning the probability that the batteries could cause fire that ignite through other luggage, a worry being that the batteries in smart luggage lines are non-removable.

American Airlines stated that the batteries constitute a risk when they are kept in the cargo hold of an aircraft. If United Continental and Southwest Airlines also approve indistinguishable smart-luggage policies then the same rule will be followed by 80 percent of America’s air traffic.

Delta and Alaska’s policies will be even applicable to carry-on bags, and go into effect on January 15th, 2018. There is a lot of technical luggage under the term smart luggage including USB ports for recharging mobile devices, electronic locks, or alarms, and sometimes Bluetooth, GPS tracking, or internal weight scales.

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Some models even possess motors to double-function as scooters or assist them around airports. Propelling customers to take out the batteries makes them inconvenient and would compromise some of the main features like GPS tracking which averts the smart bags from being astray in the airline bag hell. Some brand’s commodities might necessarily be forbid from checked air luggage if the batteries can’t be taken out, for example, Bluesmart one of the dominant manufacturers of smart luggage.