Being marooned during a spacewalk is a petrifying scene for any astronaut to envisage, but the scenario will take a complete u turn if space station crew members could directly press a button in case of an event and be promptly transferred back to safety.

This scenario will soon become a reality with the new technologically advanced take me home button. It’s a composite mechanization of hardware and software that could be embedded into space suit and can spontaneously pilot the astronaut home in case of extremity in space. The hypothesis is presently being evolved with limited NASA funding at Draper, an engineering company with an elongated history of generating technologies for crewed spaceflight.

At present, NASA astronauts on board the ISS heretofore have various redundancies existing spacewalks to restore their safety. They remain secured to the space station every minute when they are outside in their space suits. However, in a dubious event of a disconnection, astronauts also adorn a jet backpack known as SAFER that can be utilized to lead them back to the space station.

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SAFER is furnished with very minute thrusters that thrust out gas and project an astronaut in the direction he or she wants to head to.  However, astronauts have to physically handle SAFER utilizing a box anchored to their suit, which can be tedious if they become perplexed during a crisis. Additionally, acquiring skills at utilizing the system requires a lot of difficult training in virtual reality on the ground first.