Four wildfires engulfed Southern California compelling thousands of people to depopulate and demolishing hundreds of homes in what has been called as the worst fire seasons. The premiere fire in Ventura County, commenced Monday evening and was still continues to be beyond restraint on Tuesday night.  Called the Thomas Fire, it started north of Santa Paula, California and escalated speedily overnight on Monday to encompass at least 50,000 acres, wrecking hundreds of edifice and encouraging 27,000 people to desert involving some from the city of Ventura.

Three more fires started on Tuesday One in Los Angeles County speedily developed to engulf more than 11000 acres and annihilated more than 30 edifices. Another fire was burning in in San Bernardino County disabling three people as it incinerated 100 acres of vegetation. And a fourth close by Santa Clarita ripped through at least 5,000 acres compelling expulsion of a trailer park and several schools.

Anne Forsyth, an administrator at Thomas Aquinas College said that upon gazing at the window and observing the flame is an indication to let go of the house. She also said that the rate at which this fire escalates, I haven’t observed that before. The officials said that dry condition and fierce winds were the cause of spreading this wildfire.

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Gov. Jerry Brown announced a state of emergency for Ventura County where the flames had diminished hundreds of homes. The Governor said that the fire is extremely perilous and spread swiftly but we are going to keep on with the attack. It’s crucial that the inhabitants remain all set and clear at once if told to do so.