A weapon as heroic as the dagger of King Tutankhamen requires a monumental backstory, and last year X-ray analysis showcased that the iron in antiquated blade was derived from meteorites. Recently a French study has discovered that the relic was far from alone as all iron tools going back to the Bronze Age have alien origins.

Commencing around 3300 BCE in the near east and parts of South Asia the Bronze Age was classified by the extensive utilization of Bronze in weapons, equipment and decoration. Assembled by smelting copper and mixing it with tin, arsenic or other metals, bronze was resistant and comparatively simple to come by and as such it endured the foremost choice  until it was superseded when the Iron Age commenced some 2,000 years later.

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That does not mean that the Iron wasn’t utilized during Bronze Age – on comparatively rare juncture iron relics have been discovered dating back prior to Iron Age, but it was much strenuous to come by and work with. The inconvenience was most of the metal was secured in ore and needed to be smelted at exceedingly high temperatures, which was further the technological capacity.

It has been often compared that iron tools of that time were manufactured from meteorites which would have settled the metal in an existing workable state on the Earth’s surface. The theory would elucidate the presence of Iron in relics prior to the progressive smelting techniques had been expanded and whether or not their possessors realized that the metal was not of this planet, Iron would have been wrenched for its reasonable uniqueness.