Dogs are man’s best friend; this age old saying needs to be assessed in these times. A Swedish study proclaims that owning a dog could cut down on heart disease. A research of 3.4 million people between the ages of 40 and 80 discovered that possessing a dog was the cause of reduction of 23 percent in death from heart disease and 20 percent reduction of death from any cause over the study of 12 years.

Dogs are faithful companions and dog owners display better responses to tension, possess an excessive level of physical activity and moderately lower cholesterol levels. The American Heart Association creditably influenced by an evaluation of numerable studies to emancipate a statement in 2013 vociferating that possessing a dog was presumably affiliated with diminished risk of heart disease.

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The unwillingness to more energetically support dog ownership is because a number of studies are pragmatic, researchers note a consortium but cannot demonstrate causation. This may throw a light upon the fact that why dog owners are healthier than goldfish owners.

Tove Fall, an epidemiologist and the lead author of this latest study, says that they have attempted their best to permit for any contrast in education, prevailing ill-health and lifestyles between those with and without dogs. The study discovered the biggest affirmative influence of possessing a dog was on loners. He says that a dog can be a replacement for residing with other people and has an effect on reduction of people dying.