Apple might be adopting a key feature of the smartphones manufacturer by its biggest hit.

Next year’s iPhone is promising to include three different and distinct variants. It will be including with “4.7- inch model, 5.5 inches model and also larger with screen bent on two sides.”

iphone curved screen

The initial phones will be featuring the flat screen. While the third one will be featuring the curved screen. It will be the same as Samsung for its premium phones like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7.

The initial two phones will be coming with the LCD screens. This will be the same as it was in earlier phones. The third introduction of iPhone will be the first one to use OLED screen display. This will be the same manufacturer as Samsung handsets.

OLED displays are more helpful than LCD displays. They are thinner, light in weight and more movable and flexible than LED display. They are more power efficient, you will be hanging with single battery charge. Colours will be so pretty and attractive.

Talking about the hot news, or i should say irony, Samsung will be the only supplier of OLED screens to Apple. This irony will be featuring in 2017.

According to some sources Apple will be revealing three variants in May 2017.