Massive amount of time and energy is spent to model the instruments and cameras that go to Mars on rovers, but nothing of those are useful if the vehicle is inoperative in the sand after a few weeks. The mechanic is not available for a long distance. That is the reason why NASA scientists are inventing a novel generation of rover wheels that can tread the rugged path of the red planet. The latest undemonstrated shape memory tire utilizes unconventional design and proffer material for perseverance in difficult environments.

NASA’s present Mars rover the celebrated curiosity developed with six aluminum wheels each pulverized from a solid block of metal. Engineers manifested on that design to ascertain the wheels did not alter shape over time. However, Aluminum is unadoptable and the Martian surface is a bit more rugged as a result the scientists started noticing punctures and dents in the wheel just a year succeeding a year of operation on Mars.

Curiosity has been a real rough rider on Mars recording extra distance than any other rover and transcending the assumptions of NASA. This is the result of engineering aspect along with wealth of caution. Mission worker are cautious as far as circumventing obstacles is concerned. This could in future do damage to the wheels. A slightest mistake can render the wheel useless. Spring tire were the perfect remedy to the dilemma of unfit tires.

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NASA originally worked with Goodyear in the mid 2000’s to expand a sample spring tire. These tires consisted of pliable mesh with numerous coiled steel wires. It adorned the tires the capability to sustain massive load with good traction.