What is the worst you can think of as a patient when you reach a hospital with rigorous abdominal ache? Dyspepsia, Appendicitis, Fibroids or as worse as a tumor, yes, a cancer, when ultrasonography divulges a mass in your

When 42-year-old Jarnail Singh, a police officer, with alike condition reached Amritsar Corporate Hospital in Gurdaspur, India, surgeons of the hospital surmise the same initially. As stated by Dr. Jatinder Malhotra, the chief surgeon, ultrasonography showed a mass in Jarnail’s stomach, forcing them to assume it as cancer, but gastroscopy- an examination of esophagus, stomach and duodenum using endoscopic camera – showed the metallic mass and disarrayed doctor’s assumption.

A CT scan confirmed the metallic mass as “pocket knives” each measuring about seven inches. And, as stated mass, there were not just five or ten knives, but a mass of 28 pocket knives was confirmed by scanning.

In Dr. Jatinder’s line, “this was quite enfeebling, I have never witnessed such case in my 20 years of practice.”

When Jarnail Singh was asked if he had devoured knives recently, Singh replied that he had a habit of consuming knives and had devoured 28 by now. During the surgery Dr. Malhotra and his team acquired 40 pocket knives from Jarnail’s stomach- 12 more than Jarnail’s words. He may have forgotten the count while devouring the knives. Mercifully, Jarnail Singh survived such an unexpected surgery.


When Jarnail was asked the reason for devouring 40 knives, he told the reporters, “I felt like eating knives and ate them.” At this moment, Jarnail Singh is recovering from the surgery and soon he will be discharged from the hospital.

Doctors see this case as a result of suffering from a rare disorder called “Pica.” Pica is characterized by craving and appetite for non-edible and non-nutritional substances, such as ice, clay, chalk, dirt and metal too.