Medication alone cannot defeat opioid addiction. The US clinicians have eventually have concocted a device-based remedy to assist in the reduction of the symptoms of opioid withdrawal. FDA permitted a novel demonstration to Innovative Health Solutions for its NSS-2 Bridge nerve stimulator. The novel indication was considered under FDA’s de novo pathway.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD said that there are three endorsed medicines for assisting cure opioid addiction. While we perpetuate to follow medicine for the cure of opioid use disorder, an observation of the devices that can assist in this therapy needs to be looked at.

Gottlieb also said that FDA reinforces the expansion of both drug and device-based remedies that can be utilized to grapple with opioid dependence or addiction, as well as novel non-addictive remedies for affliction that can complete as options to opioids.

The NSS-2 Bridge gadget is a minute electrical nerve stimulator put behind the patient’s ear. It entails a battery-powered chip that exudes electrical pulses to stimulate branches of certain cranial nerves. Such incitement may offer consolation from opioid withdrawal symptoms. The gadget is placed behind the ear with micro needle arrays that percutaneous implant in and around the ear.

Patients can utilize the device up to five days in the critical physical withdrawal phase. Opioid removal can be the root for acute physical withdrawal symptoms including sweating, gastrointestinal upset, agitation, insomnia, and joint pain.

The NSS-2 Bridge is one of varied transpiring devices that could assist restrict opioid use.