UPDATE: PES 2017 vs FIFA 17 – The Battle Begins [Detailed Comparison]
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Only 5 months away, Electronic Arts much loved FIFA series will get a new edition. With UEFA EURO 2016 and PES 2016 upgrading a lot of skills, stats and features, there are very high expectations from EA FIFA 17. Here are some rumours and confirmed features we discovered for you.

FIFA 17 Cover Star
All FIFA 17 fans will be delighted to see who replaces Lionel Messi on the cover while this may be debatable but it will be someone new this time. With Konami signing up with Ronaldo of Real Madrid, it is all a surprise. It is rumoured that one of England’s forward would be on the cover. Let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we. Also, there is a poll going to happen and fans get to decide who they want on the cover of FIFA 17.

FIFA 17 Player Stats
We will see some player stats upgrades and improvement in in-game strengths of the teams. Like Leicester winning BPL this year, but in FIFA 2016, the team lacked the much-needed swiftness and stats.

FIFA 17 Golden Ball
We love knowing who gets the player of the season Golden Ball, which is decided by voting. French sports journalists who closely follow the sport give Ballon d’Or to the most indispensable player of that season in every competition.

FIFA 17 New Teams
While FIFA 16, introduced women teams, this edition will add more women teams and make them better than before. Unlike adding just a few National teams, FIFA 17 will have top 16 teams for you to play with. Though we have confirmation that no women leagues team will be included in this edition. Nevertheless, this is a great start.

FIFA 17 Skill Moves
While a lot of new celebrations and skills were introduced and dribbling was made a lot smoother, but expectations from FIFA 17 skill section are still going to be sky high. We hope that EA won’t take it lightly and give us a fairly challenging and smooth gameplay n bother career mode and otherwise.

Let us know what you guys are looking for in FIFA 17 in the comments below.


  1. Personally as I support a team in the championship and potentially having Villa Newcastle Sunderland or Norwich is ground on the game still with QPR and maybe hull if they don’t go up, in the championship I think it’s only right the other 19 teams have there’s on here surely?

    Also in the edit player mode allow to have the colour tape of your teams home and away socks? Surely this would improve it and even maybe the white socks they were over there socks which they then put the tape around they want it as realistic as possible don’t they?

    Also when you go up from the championship or get relagated the badges on the shirt should change so if you go from the championship to premier league promoted you should have premier league badges and if you go from the premier league to championship they should change to SKY bet football league badges surely this would also improve it?

    Also in career mode I know it’s just shut In real life but doesn’t mean Fifa can’t use it which is the loan window after the summer and January Windows close this would also make it better for football league clubs on there?

    And last mix the kits up so if you want you can wear your home top with away shorts and home socks, you see what I’m saying there all these would improve the game

    If they want it realistic add these

  2. I will like to see a cool feature in the game just like watching a match on TV, like if a player gets a red card you will see on the top of the screen showing that, that team is playing with 10 men or depends on how many red cards

  3. Congrtas to EA for the nice fifa16 edition, it is a great step forward. Pls make league win celebration more intensive and euphorical. Like the BPL make it more interesting on career mode

  4. I think when you get promoted in career mode you should be able to upgrade your stadium so when you are a champions league club from league 2 you aren’t playing at a 20 thousand seater stadium

  5. Here are some of the ideas that I think will make FiFa 17 way better

    1. If possible can you add sponsorship in career modes. That way when a team does good they get more sponsors and they have more budget to work with.

    2. We should get more access to our reserve and u21 and u18 teams

    3. Charismatic managers like Klopp, Murinhio

    4. Updated kits for each season

    5. Other leagues like Chinese leagues and Croatia and Serbia which are competitive

    6. Stadium expansions and also upgrades and even building new stadiums if possible

    7. sell of tickets and also merchandises like Madden NFL?

    8. Ways to increase budgets (i.e Take overs)

  6. Or you can keep it traditional and have a guy on the cover. Thats the way it should be and thats where all the money is made . Which ks why ea needs to focus on completing the mens side before adding thewomens teams