With the instigation of Firefox Quantum, Mozilla launched what’s possibly the most vital update to its browser in contemporary years. Its speedier and lighter and is worth giving it a try once. Google is now the standard search engine again, at least if you live in the U.S., Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In 2014 Mozilla allotted a pact with Yahoo to make it a default search engine provider for utilizers in US with Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others as alternatives while the change was minuscule. While the alteration was small, it was the constituent of plethora of initiatives that transformed utilizers against Firefox because it seemed as Mozilla did not possess the principal concern of its users in its mind.

Firefox Quantum is the organizations endeavor to rectify its fallacy and it’s good to observe that Google is back in the default zone. When Mozilla declared the Yahoo pact in 2014 it had endorsed the deal as a five year program. Those five years are not completed as yet.

Mozilla Chief Business and Legal Officer Denelle Dixon said in a statement that they practiced the constitutional right to end the agreement with Yahoo established on numerous pretexts including striving for the best in the brand, the attempt to offer quality web search, and extensive content experience for the users.

He further appended that as a constituent of the pivot on user experience and implementation in Firefox Quantum, Google will also become our new default search provider in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan.