The city of Vancouver has proceeded its first legislation balancing short-term rentals at city council. Councilors voted 7-4 permitting home owners and renters to catalogue chief residences on sites like Airbnb for a licensing fee of $49 a year and a one-time application fee of $54.

Under the policy leasing out secondary entourage would not be permitted and paramount of two adults would be permitted in each room. Homeowners detected listing units on short-term rental websites without a license will have to pay a fine of up to $1,000 for each infraction.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, Green Party Councilor Adriane Carr and the five Vision Vancouver councilors voted for the motion, with the four NPA councilors opposed it. George Affleck NPA Councilor said that they were generating more bureaucracy, more taxation, more sticks and that is not helping in solving the problem. He further appended this is being traded as a magic solution for generating more long-term rental housing. This sounds untrue.

Vision councilors safeguarded the rules as obligatory in a critical situation. Mayor Gregor Robertson said that the vacancy rate is just above zero and the city must be ready to warrant housing for long-term renters. Robertson just before the vote said that he was stupefied to perceive that some councilors do not adhere to the problem and there are 6,000 illegitimate short-term rentals in the city.

A lot many cities around the world are managing short-term rentals. There is an extensive acceptance that short-term rentals have an effect on the rental housing contribution especially in cities like Vancouver where there is a paucity in rental housing.