The Nikola One a fuel-cell electric truck from Nikola Motor in Salt Lake City that’s anticipated to introduce on the highways in 2021. The low lying Tesla semi that Chief Executive Elon Musk is positioned to disclose at an enormous stage exterior to Los Angeles. Musk tweeted that the incident will cause your mind will retract into an intersperse facet.

Musk could disclose some astounding technology advancement, collaboration with a huge truck maker. But while Tesla possessed the opulent electric car market to itself when it capsized the auto Industry with the Model S sedan in 2012, the organization can’t yet profess trailblazer in electric semi-trucks. It will infiltrate the semi-truck business with an assemblage of contenders already hard at work.

Heavy-duty fuel-cell trucks constructed by Toyota are carrying freight at the Port of Los Angeles. Cummins the diesel engine maker introduced a framework of electric-drive semi.  The China based organization with an enormous factory in Lancaster, is ready to remit its premiere drayage semi-tractor with six more by the year end to drag vessels around ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego.

Daimler, the German motor vehicle giant renowned for its Mercedes-Benz brand, is already producing electric urban delivery trucks and proposes to place the Vision One big rig on the market by 2022. Andrew Swanton, vice president for truck sales at BYD Motors North America said that every producer is evolving battery, fuel-cell electric or hybrids.